Who Was The First Professional Gamer Ever?

World’s first ever professional video gamer is Dennis Fong – Thresh. Dennis was born in 1977 in the People’s Republic of China (R.O.C.) and is now one happily retired professional gamer.

In addition to being a gamer, Thresh is also a businessman, co-founder of Xfire and Lithium Technologies.

first ever professional video gamers playing computer games
Dennis Fong – Thresh, the first professional video gamer ever.
By Uruiamme – Own work, CC BY 3.0.

How Did Dennis Fong Became First Gamer Ever?

Dennis Fong made his name in the gaming world by playing video games like Quake and Doom.

Back in 1993, Dennis began playing first-person shooter (FPS) game Doom.

Because of its popularity, Doom is considered to be one of the most significant cult video game in the history of gaming.

In addition to setting the founding stone of many other FPS games, Doom has opened a world of opportunities for professional gaming players such as Dennis Fong.

It is an interesting fun fact on how Thresh got his nickname. It came as a result of shortening his full nickname “Threshold of Pain”.

Because the most games in the 1990s had an 8-character ID length limit, Dennis came up with “Thresh”.

Therefore, you might also know him for the expression “threshing”, meaning “striking your enemy repeatedly”.

No doubt about it, Thresh has threshed his opponents thoroughly.

What Is Thresh Most Famous For?

Any respective gamers are using WASD key configuration to play games using a keyboard.

However, did you know that Thresh was the one who popularized using WASD configuration during thousands of hours playing first-person shooters?

image of a kyeboard showing WASD buttons
WASD keyboard configuration made famous by Thresh.

Thresh ESP Meaning To First Professional Gamer Ever?

Have you ever wondered what does Thresh ESP stand for? It is a term coined by Thresh’s admirers, referring to his ability to apply “the sixth sense” in figuring out where his opponents are.

Above all, the most notable achievement is Thresh’s place in Guinness World Records book, as the first professional video gamer ever.

Is Thresh The First Professional Gamer Ever?

Thresh’s most famous career victory was against id Software CEO, John D. Carmack (Entropy). As a result of their battle, Thresh won Carmack’s Ferrari 328, together with his pride.

Thresh and Entropy played a Red Annihilation tournament, on the Quake map “Castle of the Damned”. As a result, Thresh defeated Entropy 14-1. Ouch!

one person sitting in a red Ferrari car with another one standing next to it
Thresh in his Ferrari 328, won from John D. Carmack after a game of Quake.
By Heresy22 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0.

You could have seen the Ferrari 328 parked in the lobby of GX Media office – can there be a better monument to his gaming triumphs?

In the recent years, 2016-2017, Thresh has been nominated for ESL Hall of Fame.

However, some are saying that first gamers were the inventors of first computer games ever, such as Bertie the Brain and Pong.

Despite that, we have to side with the Guinness World Records and ESL Hall of Fame.

After all, Dennis Fong – Thresh is indeed, the first professional video gamer ever.